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Healthcare interior designer Cheryl Janis interviews big-hearted industry professionals, designers, artists, and creatives who share their must have design resources and tools for your patient-centered medical, dental, healthcare practice or beauty business. Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the design choices out there. Learn the best options for you, your staff, patients and clients, and how to use them intelligently in your own wellness space.


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    07 - When your patients say, "It feels so good in here!" it means good Feng Shui!

    How to create fabulous Feng Shui in your wellness space is the topic of today's show! I'm thrilled to share my interview with Interior Designer and Feng Shui Master Cindy Garreton - - who helps you bring a deeper awareness to your environment and start creating good flow and harmony you and your patients will LOVE.

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    01 - Demystifying Healing Art

    How does what you put on the walls of your medical, healthcare or wellness office, waiting room, clinic or treatment room effect people in your healing space, help keep retention rates high, staff happy and referral business growing?

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