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Conversations between healthcare interior designer Cheryl Janis and big-hearted industry professionals, designers, artists, and creatives. Together we share design inspiration, resources, and tools for your patient-centered medical, dental, healthcare practice or beauty business.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the design choices out there. Learn the best options for you, your staff, patients and clients, and how to use them intelligently in your own wellness space.


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    11 - 💰Money, Feng Shui and Your Wellness Space

    💰Money and Feng Shui. How do you feel about the green stuff? Does spending it on the design of your healthcare or wellness business (or anything else) feel like you’re about to get attacked by a swarm of bees?

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    09 - Before you spend $1 on your waiting room redesign, do this one thing

    Companion piece to The Waiting Room Cure book. I’m sure you know your patients and clients as individuals, but do you know if your practice appeals to certain groups within your community? Here’s what you need to know (and do) before investing your first dollar in the re-design of your waiting room.

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    07 - When your patients say, "It feels so good in here!" it means good Feng Shui!

    How to create fabulous Feng Shui in your wellness space is the topic of today's show! I'm thrilled to share my interview with Interior Designer and Feng Shui Master Cindy Garreton - - who helps you bring a deeper awareness to your environment and start creating good flow and harmony you and your patients will LOVE.

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